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Moving Foward with Microsoft MEAP

Some time ago I blogged about Rabi Satter and Rob Tiffany’s work in promoting a Microsoft MEAP. Well it looks like Rob is resurrecting the topic in a series he began last week with Building Microsoft MEAP: Introduction — well worth the read.

Rob makes a very persuasive argument for Microsoft as a MEAP foundation, citing each of the Gartner MEAP checklist items in turn. We’ve been using the tools and products he mentions for years now as a foundation of our client solutions, and I can attest his assertions are well founded. I’m looking forward to Rob’s future postings on the subject, and am curious to see if MonoTouch or Mono for Android make an appearance in some fashion to extend the Microsoft MEAP to additional platforms.

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Mono @ Microsoft

I wrote last week about C# and .NET for mobile development, since they are currently the only language and framework that is portable across the major mobile platforms, (iOS, Android, and Windows Phone). Well it looks like the idea is gaining some momentum in Redmond.

Both Rabi Satter and Rob Tiffany have been blogging on the subject, and the two have even ported their Mobile Line of Business Accelerator over to MonoTouch.

Rob even speaks of Mono as a key component of what he calls the Microsoft MEAP. For those unfamiliar, MEAP stands for Mobile Enterprise Application Platform — a term coined by Gartner in an attempt to provide a definition for software vendors who offer a packaged enterprise mobile solution. Currently Microsoft is listed as something of a “niche player” on Gartner’s MEAP Magic Quadrant due to their support for only a single platform. Mono would make support for multiple platforms simple, and greatly strengthen their MEAP offering. I for one hope Mr. Tiffany is successful in the bid to make his vision a reality.

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