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MonoCross has moved to Github

Well after many requests, and much effort getting our house in order, we’ve moved the MonoCross project over to Github!  You can find the latest codebase here.

That means the Google Code repository will be deprecated soon, so if you’re still working there, do yourself a favor and make the switch soon.

All the other community resources will remain where they are, including the forums on Google Groups, IRC Chat, and the MonoCross project home which includes documentation and downloads.  We’ve posted links to all these resources on the Github Project WIKI.

So drop by and see us in our new home!

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Cross-platform apps are getting more press…

Just stumbled upon an interesting article thanks to @kennygoers.  The author argues that Write Once Run Anywhere nirvana will never be achieved by HTML 5, (a view I increasingly agree with…), and businesses and developers should shift their approach to “Mixed Model Mobile Apps”, (i.e. native UI + cross-platform core).  He even cites Mono as the enabling technology — worth a read. 


MonoCross 1.0.3 is Now Available

After many months of craziness, we’ve finally managed to synchronize the MonoCross codebase to include all the work we did while writing the book. MonoCross 1.0.3 is now available at This update includes many refinements and fixes for issues that have been identified in recent months.

The community is growing, and we’d love for more to join us. We’ve got some big things in motion for the community, so stay tuned for further updates!

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MonoCross 1.0 Released

After many months of intense development sprinkled-in between our client obligations, we have released MonoCross version 1.0!  Many thanks to Ben, Kenny and John, as well as the rest of the team at ITR Mobility for your help pulling this together.

Here some highlights:

  • Core Navigation Re-factor:  added multi-threading support to navigation, and re-worked the navigation logic to be available directly from your Views.
  • Enhanced iPad Support: extended iOS navigation to enable large form-factor concepts for iPad.
  • WebKit State Management: added multi-session support to MonoCross.WebKit; previously state management was entirely the responsibility of the application developer.
  • MonoDroid.Dialog Updates: new element types, and enhanced support for dialog development on Android.
  • WebKit.Dialog: added a new project and elements to support for dialog development on WebKit.
  • Data Management Samples:  a new sample, (CustomerManagement), that demonstrates common data management operations, (List + CRUD), in a simple three-view application.
  • Data Management Services Sample:  a new RESTful services sample built in WCF to show device/server interaction.
  • Windows Phone Support: added support for Windows Phone, including XAML-based views, navigation helpers, and containers for both the BestSellers and CustomerManagement samples.
The download is available at, and if you like what you see come join us.

Now here’s where I make a shameless plug for the book ;^)

Professional Cross-Platform Mobile Development in C# from Wrox Press is available for pre-order at for delivery in early 2012.  In it we’ll cover even more ideas to make your MonoCross development efforts successful, such as:

  • Choosing the Right Archtecture:  considerations for mobile architecture decision making.
  • Designing your UI: best-practices in mobile user-experience design and prototyping.
  • Cross-Platform Development with MonoCross: details on successfully using the MonoCross MVC pattern to deploy your apps.
  • Building and Consuming Data Services: how to build RESTful services that are optimized for mobile applications, and how to consume and process data, even when you’re disconnected.
  • Accessing the Device: tips and techniques for accessing device features such as audio-video, contacts, messaging, geo-location and more.
  • Using MonoCross Utilities:  how to incorporate MonoCross.Utilities into your shared application for a unified approach to storage, threading, network, cryptography, serialization and logging — all from your shared, cross-platform applications.
  • Building Hybrid Applications:  how to get the best of both the web and native worlds by using techniques like custom URI schemes, and device function hooks.
  • Delivering your Application to the Enterprise: how to extend your mobile application to the enterprise desktop, web, and even the cloud; plus advanced techniques for sharing code including view-abstraction and mixed-view-models.
Thanks to everyone in the community who have shown such tremendous interest in MonoCross; we’ll continue to move it forward, and hope to build a vibrant community of propeller heads!


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View the Monospace Keynote @ InfoQ

For those who were unable to attend the Monospace conference in July, InfoQ posted the video of my keynote this week.  Thanks again to the guys at Monospace for the opportunity, and to the crew at InfoQ for the coverage.  I’m already looking forward to the conference next year!



Monospace Attendee Party

Well I finally found some time to sort through my photos of the Monospace attendee party. Here are the “best” shots. Thanks to everyone who made it out last Sunday; it was a great time!

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Xamarin Parteners with Attachmate to Support Mono

Miguel de Icaza announced today that Xamarin has reached an agreement with the SUSE business unit to support Mono, including MonoTouch and Mono for Android.

This is great news for all parties concerned, particularly the community who have missed the support of the brilliant team who created the technology. The timing is rather fortuitous with the Monospace conference kicking-off on Saturday. I’m sure this news will help make a great conference even greater! See you all in Boston!

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