About Me

I’m a geek.

I’ve spent the past 19 years building software and advising clients on the potential of software and mobilty. I’m a contributing writer for iPhone Life magazine, and author of Professional Cross-Platform Mobile Development in C#, (Wrox 2012).  I follow and strive to contribute to innovations in enterprise mobility. Throughout my career I’ve worked with many of the Fortune 500 companies including Best Buy, Target Corporation, Medtronic, and Prudential Financial. I believe that what is happening in the mobile software industry today will change the way we write and use software.

Along the way, I’ve met and been acquainted with some pretty remarkable people.  Many of whom have some pretty amazing ideas that tend to turn the status-quo on it’s head.  They are the unsung heroes of technological innovation who grind the wheels-of-change inexorably forward.  They often spend their careers in relative obscurity — never achieving the notoriety or credit they so richly deserve.

This blog is dedicated to these vagabond revolutionaries, because I hope to be one of them someday.

the views expressed on this blog belong solely to the blogger, and are not associated with any other persons or organizations.


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