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Cross-platform apps are getting more press…

Just stumbled upon an interesting article thanks to @kennygoers.  The author argues that Write Once Run Anywhere nirvana will never be achieved by HTML 5, (a view I increasingly agree with…), and businesses and developers should shift their approach to “Mixed Model Mobile Apps”, (i.e. native UI + cross-platform core).  He even cites Mono as the enabling technology — worth a read. 


Xamarin Drinkup

A chance to meet the whole team, sounds pretty cool!  I’ll have to check my travel schedule…

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MonoCross 1.0.3 is Now Available

After many months of craziness, we’ve finally managed to synchronize the MonoCross codebase to include all the work we did while writing the book. MonoCross 1.0.3 is now available at This update includes many refinements and fixes for issues that have been identified in recent months.

The community is growing, and we’d love for more to join us. We’ve got some big things in motion for the community, so stay tuned for further updates!

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