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iPad in the Enterprise

In just a few weeks my good friend Nathan Clevenger’s book iPad in the Enterprise will hit the shelves, (pre-orders are now being taken at both Amazon and B&N from the preceding link). In it Nathan imparts copious amounts of the wisdom he’s earned over the past twelve years in the trenches, and the executive suite of mobile enterprise software development. I highly recommend it for anyone developing, or making decisions about developing mobile software for their company. I intend to quote heavily from it in my talk at Monospace ;-).

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HTML 5 vs. Mobile Apps

I just read an article regarding mobile web vs. native app usage. Kevin C. Tofel over at Gigaom reports on a study done by Flurry that shows mobile app usage has surpassed mobile web usage for the first time since they’ve been gathering these statistics. The study shows we’re spending most of our time, 79% percent of it, using social networking apps like Twitter and Facebook, or playing games.

What is interesting to me is this is the first study I’ve seen that shows the trend I’ve been seeing for some time now: that consumers are choosing the native user experience over what HTML 5 can currently provide. I’m still very bullish on HTML 5, and with the advances made every day in tools and frameworks for mobile web apps I expect HTML 5 will soon be able to deliver the same experience native apps can today. But the native platforms are also evolving. Time will tell if HTML 5 can catch up and keep up.


Keynote @ Monospace

I’m excited to be delivering the keynote at the Monospace conference this July! Thanks to Louis and Dale, the conference organizers, for the opportunity to share our story with the Mono community. There are some exciting things happening with Mono in the enterprise, and I can’t wait to get to Boston next month!



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