iFactr Framework is now Open Source

After seven years of development, and enterprise deployments across industries, our iFactr cross-platform mobile framework is now available to the open source community! Congratulations and a big thank you to all our architects, developers, and partners who have helped us build this technology in that time. Happy coding, everyone!

Zebra – iFactr Press Release

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Reinvent Yourself

When I started this blog, I did it with the sprit of making a difference, and of honoring the people I’ve met along the way who inspire me, and others to achieve more than they ever dreamed possible. Billy McLaughlin is an amazing acoustic guitarist who had to relearn how to play when he was struck with a rare neurological disease that stole his promising career right out from under him. Billy’s thoughts on reinvention reflect the true spirit of the Vagabond Revolution, and I’m proud to share them with you.

Please take some time to read his post here, and if you have a chance, go see him in concert. It’s a truly amazing experience.

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Moving Foward with Microsoft MEAP

Some time ago I blogged about Rabi Satter and Rob Tiffany’s work in promoting a Microsoft MEAP. Well it looks like Rob is resurrecting the topic in a series he began last week with Building Microsoft MEAP: Introduction — well worth the read.

Rob makes a very persuasive argument for Microsoft as a MEAP foundation, citing each of the Gartner MEAP checklist items in turn. We’ve been using the tools and products he mentions for years now as a foundation of our client solutions, and I can attest his assertions are well founded. I’m looking forward to Rob’s future postings on the subject, and am curious to see if MonoTouch or Mono for Android make an appearance in some fashion to extend the Microsoft MEAP to additional platforms.

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iFactr is featured as a part of Visual Studio 2012 Launch

It’s a pretty exciting day around here! Along with the announcement of the new iPhone 5, I’ve been hanging around the Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 launch event.

Our iFactr framework has been featured as a part of the launch, and ITR Mobility has been chosen as a launch partner. It’s been crazy the last few weeks, and people in the Visual Studio community have really been great!

Thanks, everyone!

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MonoCross has moved to Github

Well after many requests, and much effort getting our house in order, we’ve moved the MonoCross project over to Github!  You can find the latest codebase here.

That means the Google Code repository will be deprecated soon, so if you’re still working there, do yourself a favor and make the switch soon.

All the other community resources will remain where they are, including the forums on Google Groups, IRC Chat, and the MonoCross project home which includes documentation and downloads.  We’ve posted links to all these resources on the Github Project WIKI.

So drop by and see us in our new home!

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Cross-platform apps are getting more press…

Just stumbled upon an interesting article thanks to @kennygoers.  The author argues that Write Once Run Anywhere nirvana will never be achieved by HTML 5, (a view I increasingly agree with…), and businesses and developers should shift their approach to “Mixed Model Mobile Apps”, (i.e. native UI + cross-platform core).  He even cites Mono as the enabling technology — worth a read. 


Xamarin Drinkup

A chance to meet the whole team, sounds pretty cool!  I’ll have to check my travel schedule…

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